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"Joe and The Digital Truth provide the purest, most direct way to get an in-depth understanding of your business. They cut right to the core to identify go-to-market strategic value chain gaps that are inhibiting growth and value-creation. The Digital Truth process which leverages deep data analysis clearly identifies all areas of strategic drift. They then develop the execution plan to eliminate it. The subsequent Value Creation Plan provides the roadmap for years of sustained growth. And just as important, Joe and his team make the process informative and fun."

Rick Segal, President, Abetech


"Working with Joe and The Digital Truth enabled us to redefine our target market and entire go-to-market strategy. These changes drove very high growth in a very condensed time frame."

Tom Bauer, CFO, Comm-Works


"We recently completed a project with Joe and Brad. The process was very collaborative and insights were tremendous. We could not be more pleased with project's output and I would recommend The Digital Truth to any company interested in driving transformative growth."

Bob Claxton, CEO, MPL Company


“The Digital Truth is exactly as stated.  Joe and his Team are focused on understanding your markets, your company, and provide a unique approach based on data.  Outstanding process with a solid launch pad to accelerate the pace of our success.”

Bill Kerfin, CEO, Premier Forge


"The Digital Truth, under Joe's expert guidance, provided an invaluable service in redefining our go-to-market strategy. His unique approach unveiled deep insights about our company, clarifying our decision-making process. With the groundwork laid by Joe, we have a robust platform for future growth. His commitment and dedication surpassed our expectations, delivering value beyond the initial scope. In short, partnering with The Digital Truth is a strategic investment worth making."

Mike Schmidt, CEO, Nerdery

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Working with Joe and The Digital Truth was an amazing experience. Joe cut through the noise and got up to speed very quickly and efficiently. We specifically appreciated his approach to sharing perspectives to help our team get on the same page. The extensive work he did made it quite clear what needed to be done. His approach is easy to understand and his demeanor makes everyone comfortable with the recommendations for strategic change.

Zarir Erani, CEO, Allen Interactions


"I have partnered with Joe on a number of strategic and tactical execution initiatives over the past several years. I would recommend THE DIGITAL TRUTH to any business interested in driving transformational growth."

Peter Siwinski, Managing Director, Head of Communications Technology Investment Banking Group


"In the beginning it was vividly clear that Joe Dunsmore and Brad Williams approach was going to be dissimilar than any other experience I had with prior consultants. Their willingness to listen intently and seek to understand was a fresh contrast to what I had learned to expect from consultants. In the end, their findings were indisputable and supported by data, their playbook has provided the insights and horsepower to rapidly increase sales, but their humble approach is what I will never forget."

Sean Jacobs, SVP Marketing and Sales, MPL Company

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"The Digital Truth has a unique, highly differentiated approach to driving business transformation and growth. I have found the journey to be incredibly interesting and fun, and yet very results oriented."

Chris Heim, CEO

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