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The Digital Truth

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

" Leadership is the ability to define reality and do something about it " is an enlightening quote from the esteemed business management expert Peter Drucker.

Defining reality in our business comes from learning our digital truth. We as business leaders have never been in a better position to define reality, and to learn our digital truth than today. We have better tools to gather and analyze the data to define that reality. Modern ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Finance, and Business Intelligence tools have evolved to a level to better help us learn our digital truth. Further, we have the expertise to layer in the business processes to gather the right data to learn our digital truth.

Yet a vast majority of businesses continue to rely on very limited data and fail to define reality before making critical strategic and tactical decisions for their business. At THE DIGITAL TRUTH we have looked at hundreds of businesses and found that a fundamental, thematic difference exists between the very high growth businesses and all of the others. Thematically, the depth at which they learn their digital truth and apply it to focusing their strategic value chain is the major difference we have observed.

We have found the highest growth businesses (top 5%) understand their target customers with precision. They define the specific demographic, firmographic, and operating attributes of their target market. The focus this provides for competitive positioning, sales coverage, value proposition and marketing strategies, product and service development, and distinctive competency muscle-building enables break-through growth. The other 95% of businesses we have observed tend to define their target markets very loosely by vertical, or by application never gaining the advantages of this focused approach.

Our proprietary process acknowledges that most companies are underperforming their growth expectations because their strategic and tactical decision making are based on limited digital truth data and primarily subjective, autobiographical perceptions. As such, we conduct a series of in-depth formal interviews throughout the organization to understand the management baseline for decision making. After gaining the insight on management perception we do deep forensic data analysis to gain a clear understanding of the gaps between management perception and the " defined reality " or as we call it..... The Digital Truth. The gaps between perception and the digital truth provide the basis for a transformative growth plan for the business. If you would like to learn more, click here to schedule a free Digital Truth introductory consultation.

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